Monday, March 03, 2008


I think that it is one of my favorite words. I find it difficult to spell correctly, I use it all the time and why? well most of the time, I am under so much stress, that I feel it all the time. FIVE children can do that to you. (5) of them. There is never a day that goes by that someone does not have an issue, and occasionally one come up that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM have an issue.

Starting with the youngest instead of the oldest today:
Magnus. Magnus was born in June, so naturally we have the summer birthday / too young for school. should he wait a year, should he keep trying and failing. should he repeat a year. should we hire a tutor, or should we wonder if there is just something wrong with our little guy? Currently he is about 12 month behind in development for reading. while he has a tremendous vocabulary, and his math skills are excellent. he can not handle sight words and reads laboriously when we force him. He loves for use to read to him. he just hates the frustration of reading himself. My teacher / counselor meeting today was a hour long and it is just so frustrating that the teacher can not make accommodations for him because of state laws. It is so hard to know what to do. Right now he wants to be home schooled because he is so frustrated at school, constantly being prodded, bullied, bribed to perform at a level of expectation that he is not capable of.