Saturday, July 29, 2006

The good, the bad, the UGLY

wow, what a day yesterday. Okay, so yes, it is extremely stressful 'living' in a motel room. No yard for the little prince to run and just play. No, I do not want to hang out at the pool, my tail bone is still extremely tender from the fall at Colgate licks (January 2005) which makes sitting there unbearable. Aunt Flo arrived two days ago, which makes me irrational, bloated, and out of patience before I get out of bed. Naomi came for a long visit, almost 36 hours, she has been on period for two additional days, so her mood has been interesting. Nothing like a little drama queen to shake things up. Erik thinks that it should be all about him, after all, he is the crown prince. So he wants to watch his cartoons, he wants to wear his roller blades, he wants to go to the pool, but only if someone will play with him.

And to top things off my tummy has not been cooperating. Okay, so it was self induced. I was hungry, leafy greens was the order of the day, so I had pickled asparagus. ½ a jar (2.25 ounces) and I was still hungry, so 1 mozzarella cheese stick later, and I felt okay. Waited a little bit and had my evening sugar free cocoa to get my fluids in before sleep and OMG, I do not know what I was thinking, but that was not a good mixture. My tummy roiled. My gut alarm went off. I kept it all down all night long, but along about 8 am, that was it. All the stress, all the different foods, I had a serious dumping.

What is a dumping? Starts with a little nausea and intestinal cramping, the mouth starts to water, you find yourself sitting on the toilet, with a garbage can under your head to catch everything. Usually it is over in 30 minutes, and then another 20-40 minutes laying down until the sweats and nausea pass. Well, after 3 more trips to the toilet, and a total of 3 hours, it passed. Granted, my colon is immaculate now. And I lost 4 lbs from the episode, that is not a pleasant way to go.

Jazzer called, upset that she had broke down and her boyfriend couldn't come rescue her, I snapped. And made her feel even worse. Called back later to say sorry. It was not as if I could 'do anything' 400 miles away, and I was just so frustrated. She does forget to 'check the oil' and I was no better at her age, I was just crabby and she caught the brunt of it. She seems better now.

I spent the rest of the day eating seasoned steak strips and vanilla protein shake, very very careful. Got all my meds and vitamins in. Walked with the kids to Costco to get my walking in (1.5 miles) and Erik and Naomi spit a slice of pizza and a berry smoothie. Erik did get his pool time, and I got a movie before sleeping. But there is a nagging headache a brewing, took some EX Tylenol last night and again today, still 'there' was seriously planning to walk the greenbelt along the riverfront today before it go hot, but I do not know how I will react to the sun today.