Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Politics - Obama for President

I sincerely was for the father figure myself 6 months ago. I was for the seasoned veteran 4 months ago. what changed my mind? blathering about pork barrel spending after cashing the check for a bridge to no where that was never built. that to me is UNETHICAL. blathering about the mortgage crisis when only 2.7% of the homes are actually in foreclosure. Not a national crisis IMO. some people made bad choices, and like the current population of Helicopter Parents, no one wants to let anyone take responsibility for their mistakes.

someone got it in their head to bail out AIG and now they are having a spa day for 1/2 million while I am still staying at Motel 6 because I can get a $30 a night rate. As much as I dread returning to the "Carter" years and the "Clinton" years where the Democrats prevail with 'equalizing' the class structure of this country with "Promises" of public health care and social security and tax reform, I seriously doubt that anything will ever change because of the government. The reason that computers have changed our world is because of free enterprise not government stewardship, and I think that same free enterprise will eventually get us to change our energy from carbon based to Lithium Ion based. I truly pray for a government tax credit and low/no interest loan that SIGNIFICANTLY makes installing a solar power array on residential houses and Plug In Cars affordable so that we are able to achieve the goal in 2 years.

Ultimately, a couple of things made up my mind that I had to go with the bleedingheartliberalbedwettingdemocrats. The tax redistribution was one key point.

the other was as I was talking to Sverre last night, if I take all the kids with me to the 'mart store, and each throws in 2 or 3 items in the cart, by the time I get to the check out, we have add a couple of hundred dollars to the bill and while no one person was being 'greedy' combined they are bankrupting mom. So Mom says "no" pay for it yourself with your chore allowance. granted many of our citizens think that they all should be on an allowance. I disagree.