Sunday, September 14, 2008

Doing Just fine without power

What kids do during a black out when there is no electricity. They play with the hundreds of dollars of wooden trains that they thought that they had out grown when they convinced you they they had to have a Wii. Just plan ahead and have fresh batteries (smart mom here) and guaranteed a coulpe of days of fun.

we have been out of power since midnight Friday when the storm hit. I am running on battery right now, only a few minutes a day using our UPS from the computers.

we are totally fine. we lost a couple of trees, everything in our refrigerator and our 15 cuft freezer, some siding, some wires were ripped out of the wall when they got tangled in a tree. overall we are quite comfortable, reading books, playing with wooden trains, and legos and reading books.

we have 75 gallons of water and lots of propane so we are staying in place and not venturing out. Sverre did go to a colleagues house yesterday (the guy was out of the country during the preparation for the storm) and emptied 55 gallons of meat and rotting food.

but we are safe and sound and waiting for the rest of the idiots (people that think that they are entitled to a free hand out) to stop complaining about ice and FEMA and such. I swear, they whine after they were TOLD to leave and didn't. they WHINE when they have no power or food when they didn't prepare a 72 hour kit, and they WHINE when they do not get a free hand out. we have no generator and a full tank of gas because we followed all the instructions as they were sent out. do stock up, do not horde, do gas up, do not drive around, stay inside and off the streets, and be patient.

the city leaders have been extremely good but they are running out of patience with the complete morons that DO NOT FOLLOW the SIMPLEST of instructions. many many here think that they are a special case and are so selfish, self centered and self absorbed that it just frustrates me to no end. many have insisted that they are so hot that they must have electricity before we restore the water pumps so that we maintain the integrity of the water, and they should not even been in the evacuation zone and they are demanding that they have their 'needs' met before the rest that were ordered not to evacuate. an order that was to afford them a safe and orderly evacuation and (40% of which didn't take advantage of). just one more reason that I pray for a flushing of the gene pool.

as for all the 'reports' it is running in the 80's and 70% humidity and not terribly uncomfortable all things considered. the people that are complaining about the flooding, their houses are in known and repeated flood areas and they do not have the sense to accept the FEMA buy outs and build someplace else which is so frustrating.

but until the people that are panicking and running on the stores get stocked up, we are just continuing to enjoy our supplies and while we would like to replenish a couple of items (toilet paper and dish soap) that we were stocked up on for Gustov but ran a little low before Ike, we will just ration and get by. we did get extra baby wipes so we are fine.

I wish that I could find the 33 gallon trash bags and I regret that due to the temperature in the fridge, we no longer have eggs to cook with, I am going to figure out if I can cook with just baking soda and baking powder as leavening agents.