Wednesday, September 24, 2008


we survived Ike...

we were without power for 8 days.. took two days to clean up the yard so that it was not a hazard for the children to go back there with the down trees. still waiting for a tree service to remove the heavily damaged limbs on two trees and completely remove three others that didn't make it.

my freezers and fridge have not been this clean since we bought them new.

the kids are FINALLY back in school.. they were out for 13 days and then back in for 2 and out for 2 and now back in and I am soooo grateful..

overall we were not bored.. we have UPS's to charge the DS's and we have wooden trains and Lego's and books to keep them all very busy. once the storm was over, they rode bikes, rip sticks and roller skates in the neighborhood during the daylight hours.

we have had at least two fogging's to treat the mosquitoes. the mosquitoes we had, blew up into Missouri, the new ones that we got from Cuba are JUMANJI size and about the same voraciousness. I went out to hang up laundry at 2:30 pm, usually a safe time from skiters and I was attacked. when I went out to bring in laundry (only three towels, two hand towels, and two wash clothes) I got bite 9 times... they chased me into the house, and two dive bombed the sliding glass doors and left a blood trail down the glass, and three where drilling through the glass to get to me.

I am not freaking kidding you!!!