Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Perfectly Fine

we JUST got power on Saturday afternoon (8 days with no internet, no electricity, no air conditioning, no computer, no kidding) so it has been stressful trying to communicate. fortunately my cell phone is connected to my blog so I was able to keep that updated very regularly so people across the globe could have the latest.

so far the finally tally is that we lost everything in the 15 cuft deep freeze, as well as the freezer / refrigerator, all the meat and fish, two whole trees and 1/4 each of two other trees in the back yard. we lost some siding and some fascia from the house and one window is leaking like a sieve and has to be totally replaced down to the wooden framing. the entire north side of the house has pea sized holes in the siding from the debris that pelted it at 90 mph winds. we have completely cleaned up the yard, raked and stacked it by the curb to be recycled into park trail compost.

let everyone know that we are fine, and have had minimal impact, it was extremely pleasant weather the last two weeks, unseasonably cool, more like spring than summer for this area and there has been no additional rain so that people that had more extensive damage did not have insult added to injury. while there are a lot of whiners on the tv, seriously, it was like a beautiful fall camping trip here and not nearly enough reason for all the drama as you hear.. the people that were flooded, have all dried out by now, my lawn actually needs to be watered this week, and those that carry on about air conditioning really need to get a life, it has been 74-77'F and 50% humidity compared to 85'F and 85% humidity that it is normally.

:-) some people just do not know how to prepare (we were told a week in advance to get water and food so there was no reason for people to carry on like they HAD to go to a POD or starve, people that say they are TRAPPED on the ISLAND without food or water are perfectly capable of getting on a bus / train and going into town and getting food and water, no one is 'trapped' and it just drives me crazy to see people carrying on like that. we were hit in our house with a Cat 2 hurricane HEAD ON and we are fine, those that live in a wooden house on a coastal beach get exactly what they deserve and those that were COMPLETELY STUPID ENOUGH to ride it out should just stuff it. we were told not to evaculate so that they could, and then choose not to so they get exactly what they deserve and more help than they really have a right too, but that is a rant that I should probably save for another day. ;)

(my tax dollars should not go to support MORONS that do not even have home insurance on boliver pennisula and think they have a $450,000.00 house, that just frosts my cookies) we did not go to a POD, we follows the mayor / judge's recommendation, we were prepared with a tank full of gas, battery flashlights and battery radio, and a 72 hour kit if worse came to worse and we had to walk out, and we had enough food and ice in our freezer to last us for two weeks just in case, as should every single person in this county. okay, I am seriously done ranting. heehee

once again, prayers were answered and we are minimally impacted and seriously on inconvienced by the storm. it could have been a lot worse and many need to really realize and appreciate that fact.

the boys have missed 8 days of school and will return tomorrow, they just got power there yesterday. they need a day to restock the refridgerators there for lunches. I am anxious for them to return, while they were very busy here, building wooden train tracks, making star ships with legos, and reading books as well as riding bicycles and playing with friends, it worries me that they are not getting thier education. I had some work for them to do during the two weeks that they have been home, lots of spelling, language, math and reading, they miss thier friends.

my work went to a standstill, I have had my first client call in two weeks yesterday, so that is worrisome to not have any clients in weeks... especially with our economy getting worse by the week. I hope that once the boys return to school, I can get more focused on work.

the Twins's birthday is in 2 days and Erik's is in 6, they will be 23 this year and he is now 9. time has gone by extremely fast. I need to break out my baking pans and make Erik a cake.