Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Teeder Todder

I have been working my tail off, got into a row with dh. My portable computer DIED on the plane home. My desktop is crapping out, and he says, you break every computer you have ever had. HELLO. How could I break a desktop? It just sits here, I do not kick it, knock it, or anything, I just WORK on it. I can not help it if the stuff I do is extremely graphically intensive and the processor doesn’t have the power to do it. I need more power. I asked him to look at it, he said that he could not DO ANYTHING. So I asked him how old the computer was that I INHEREITED from him. He said 6 years, and how old is the new computer he has? 4 years, and why can I not have his since he has a laptop from work. He got pretty miffy with me. I nearly cried, he is such a butt. He kept saying I had to buy my own. Tthhbbb~~

So I calmly walked away and read a book. He decided to work on my desktop and tweaked it a little. Defragged the c drive and it is working better. He can be such a boob. I have been so worried about finances that I have seriously considered canceling my tummy surgery.
1-we have termites, that is $1000
2-the desktop has issues, that is $1300
3- the dentist says that the crown and 5 fillings will be $875
4-the pharmacy says that the three month Rx will be $120
5-tummy $2000-2500
I do not understand why so many things have to go wrong at once. ;)
I keep telling myself that if I can do this well (-18 lbs in 40 days) then why not just keep at it. it is all just a matter of will power.

KAtkins Menu:
32 oz crystal light
breakfast: 4 eggs, mozzarella, picante sauce, 24 oz coffee (Louetta Blend + almond extract)
lunch: turkey strips, mazzarella, romaine, cabbage, olives, celery, carb free dressing, 32 oz crystal light

4 miles at 10 mph on bike to store for some groceries