Monday, April 24, 2006


recent weight has continued to decrease, giving me a false sense of my ability to continue to do this on my own. after all, we are only talking about another 250 days at this rate and I would be fine right? what is another 250 days? oh that is right... just enough time for me to loose my patience and give up again.

movement... I dont wanna move. I am too tired to move. I could not get the motivation to leave the house if I wanted to. I was doing great friday and saturday, and then SUNDAY I just bombed out. I was really doing great up until then... working out in the sunshine, flying high, and then I just crashed sunday morning, I had utilized all my resources and I was crashed and burned again. may be the barometric pressure, feels too cloudy and icky out. I hate being a weather slut, constantly controled by it.

KAtkins Menu:
20 oz water
breakfast: scrambled eggs (3), mozzarella cheese, 24 oz coffee
lunch: salad: romaine, celery, and cabbage with portabello mushrooms, turkey, mozzarella cheese and dressing (in order of portions as well. 32 oz crystal light
dinner: chicken strips, salad, asparagus, 16 oz crystal light
salt and vinegar pork rinds, 16 oz crystal light

motivation: not today. maybe a new computer since my crashes every other hour expecially when I am WORKING!!