Sunday, January 11, 2009

Start of a New Week

I am feeling remarkably well considering. today was not a quiet day, I never get one. ;-) yesterday I guided 6 young cubbies through the museum of natural science and lunch. we talked about compromise and sharing and math and dinosaurs. it was a very long 6 hours. We have Pinewood Derby and Pack Meeting this month and Blue and Gold Banquet February 6.

then for kicks I started sorting all my paperwork for the year into piles, one for bank statements, one for printing, one for office expenses, one for accounts receivables. you can imagine my mood right? sadly, my piles are all in the middle of the floor between the door and the bathroom sink that the boys brush teeth, so they are in twice a day, walking through my piles. ;-)

as for my other older offspring. Jasmine is in California staying with Krystal. Chris gave Jazz a ginormous ring Dec 23, so it is official. she had a HORRIBLE time at his house, his family were rude to her and ignored her for the most part, dragging her from pillar to post while she was fighting bronchitis. let me elaborate about the plane tickets.

in November she took care of boyfriend/fiance a ticket home while he was out in the field. she got him a one way ticket home (cheaper?) to iowa. then she ended up in california and needed a ticket herself also, so she ignored my recommendation to get two round trip tickets, and just got one more one way. I let her 'figure it out' the whole. then come two days before he HAS to be back to work or risk A.W.O.L. I finally GAVE IN and booked them two tickets home (cheaper to buy two round trip and let them just use the first 1/2 of the tickets. WHAT I TOLD THEM TO DO IN DECEMBER. grrrr

He leaves Jan 28 for the war. she is talking excitedly about the ford ranger that my dad bought to restore. ;-)

Krys is home in California with Jordan. she also is fighting bronchitis and between the two of them, they are keeping Jordan fed and out of traffic. Krys is talking excitedly about the dodge truck that my dad also bought to restore. you would think that these two were getting ice cream cones or something. Jason leaves for the war February 16th

as for me milking my tummy for rest and relaxation. yeah good luck with that. I feel fine, rarely need anything for the pain now, maybe two times a week.but I am looking for a lawyer for the malpractice for the previous doctor leaving the TWO (2) clamps in there to begin with. I am not pushing right now, taxes first, then lawyer. ;-) now I have to get back to that enormous pile, I tried to do it monthly this year, but something happened in April and that went to hell. ;-)