Monday, February 05, 2007


in a quick nutshell:

the family arrived Tuesday (my parents), Wednesday, Jasmine and her boyfriend) Thursday (my sister and her son). and on friday was the 'bridal brunch', we had that at the Fontenot (pronounced: fon-ten-o)grand mansion. we had a 'proper' British high tea with little sandwiches, teas, quiche, salad, trifle, and gifts.

Friday night we had the rehearsal, took three tries to get it so that it 'looked' normal. it was pretty funny figuring out what we were supposed to do. after the rehearsal, we started setting up the tables and everything for the reception in the room behind the chapel. I had some friends that volunteered to stay and keep working while we went to dinner and visited with the family of the groom. after dinner, we went back and finished the reception room.

sunday we get ready, got to the church early, but we were still putting stuff together and so by the time the bride was ready to walk down the isle, it was 3 pm instead of 2 pm.

but when she did walk, she was so pretty. she just glowed. after the wedding, we had a chocolate fountain snacks while we had our portraits taken. and then we had a long buffet line with all the food. we had a small dance with the bride and her grandfather, I ended up dancing with Sverre, but he was not very cooperative. (heehee) and I got a dance with my father and the ring bearer.

afterwards, we cleaned up in record time, and then had an after hours casino night, with drinking and general silliness.

Sunday was filled with opening presents and saying good bye to my sister and her son, Monday Jason had to work, but Krys, Jasmine and Jasmine's boyfriend (Patrick) and I drove downtown Houston and had dinner and walked on the bayou.

Jasmine / Patrick left the next day, and now we are preparing the baby's room for the arrival. we did have to replace the washer and dryer since they conked out. and we got a dresser and a toy chest donated to for the baby. my father has been working for weeks to get all the vehicles working. that has been a lot of tinkering.

now Krys is here resting and I have to run to the school to help with Erik's class room during English.