Thursday, February 22, 2007

I.R.S! and QUICKEN!!

a certain amount of cussing this time of year is healthy for me.


goodness gracious I hate book-keeping... I hate taxes... I really hate it!

I am 98% done though, and so far all checks out. just irritating as all get out trying to get the balance sheets to balance!

as for me...

tummy is doing well, despite a lot of negligence. too many animal crackers. to much coffee. not enough sex according to my husband, but he has issues!

got a new mattress.. a sealy, very nice. sleep better IMO.

been getting caught up on my tv programs, and am about to dive into reorganizing the garage AGAIN.. it is really a self defeating process that I do bi-annually, but I keep doing it. one day I will actually get it the way that is functional (like the other rooms in the house that are now functional) and be done. but for now, I must persevere.

set up the 'port-a-crib' for the latest addition. his blog is more up to date than my own if that says anything about me and my issues.

Grandbaby #1