Friday, July 29, 2011

Are you Kidding me?

okay, the scales are officially broken. they can not be right.

starting to hyperventilate? yes, I do that daily. it is okay, it is just a way your body deals with stress and too much information. Information overload is something that I get weekly. I know how much I learned in school, I went to Elementary, High School, and college for 20 years, and now that I am educating my own children, tutoring two in college with skype and two in elementary / intermediate school is if nothing else OVERWHELMING for me. the first year I was scared that I might fail, that we would try it out, the kids didn't believe in me, because I didn't believe in me, the second year we were frustrated and agitated, it was not going the way I wanted. Quarterly I would have a talk with my husband, and he was always ready to send them back, but I was resolved that this was the path even if I felt like Lewis and Clark and the journey was bound to fail. I finally got to a point 18 months into the journey. FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION, and I informed my family.
Suck it up, Walk it off, this is our path: EVERY DAY, ALL DAY. It is better now, I know that I am not alone. I am not without resources and I am fully in charge to make changes on the fly as I see fit to tweak the program, I share my changes and surprisingly many are implemented throughout not just TXVA but all of K12, so we are truly a grassroots movement that is making a difference every single day not just in our children lives, but in the lives of those children that live down the street, across town, or in the next county. Do not be silent and alone at home, reach out and say what is working, it is not working, what you think would make it work better. k12 is listening, TXVA is listening, your teachers are listening, and most importantly, other parents are learning from you, even if you are Brand Spanking New at this, you have a head on your shoulders and a lifetime of experience to bring to the table. Oh and by the way, do not forget your needed in BOOSTERS at the next meeting.

however, I seem to be glued to this desk and my butt is spreading out to the size of the gulf of mexico, that can not be good. I know that it is hot, but I have decided that I have two flights of stairs in the house, I should go up and down them like 10 times per hour. yep, that should do it.