Friday, June 11, 2010

Hurricane Slacker Mom strikes Southeast Texas Coast town

One home Destroyed in wake of Scout Camp, Swim Team, 4th grade Home school, Small Business Taxes, and invasion of Grandchild, double son-in-law deployment, 1: college, 1: high school, 1: 5th grade

Oh holy hell. House looks like tornado hit. Camp over today. swim season over tomorrow. Life over now. Should take photo of house and save for next year in case I think about volunteering for a 4th year.

End of school year activities at both schools have wiped me out, still have to finish up Magnus's year.

My Magnus fell in love yesterday. Pro Stock Drag Racing - Buddy Nickens Camaro that visited our Cub Scout Day Camp. Magnus sat in the seat of a $300,000 car unsupervised. There is just no way this kid is going to go into racing cars as a hobby!

2009 - Category: PM-OUTLAW, Type: ZN, Class: TPSA, Div: 4 Chevrolet Camaro 1/8 Mile ET: 4.758 at North Star Dragway/Denton TPSA 03/09 | 1/8 Mile MPH: 144.28 at North Star Dragway/Denton TPSA 03/09